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1.    Purpose

The University seeks a Consultant to review the Human Resources Office and report to the Vice-Chancellor. This review will cover the current operations of the Human Resources Office, its leadership, structure, policy and decision-making framework, and functional areas and resource capability in terms of HR personnel and other resource provisions. The review will also cover the extent, nature, and compliance issues relating to the devolution of HR functions that will be useful to the University in the context of devolution of responsibilities to Faculties and Deans. The University wishes to ensure that its HR section is oriented towards excellence and the strategic objectives of the University, and is comparable to HR sections in good universities in the Australasian region.

2.    Scope of Review

The independent person or expert panel of two people, will review and report to the Vice Chancellor, on the following matters.

i.    Leadership, Organizational Structure, and Policy Framework

-    current structure and relevance to current and future needs of USP;
-    HR Policy Framework

ii.    Assess the effectiveness of HR processes, level of responsiveness, compliance with national legal frameworks and current capabilities in the key HR Functional areas

-    Recruitment
-    Employee Relations
-    HR Service Delivery
-    Training and Development
-    Organisational Development
-    Occupational Health and Safety
-    Corporate management including HRMIS
-    Performance Management

iii.    Review the current decision-making hierarchy for HR matters in the context of current Policy framework and various levels of decision-making.

iv.    Review staff codes of conduct and their effectiveness.

v.    Evaluate effectiveness of delegated HR functions to the Faculties in terms of :

-    Level of compliance to HR policies and procedures and monitoring mechanisms;
-    Level and effectiveness of HR support provided at the Faculty level;
-    Day-to-day management of Faculty.

vi.    Assess and make recommendations for building HR Planning and Training and Development capabilities.

vii.    Make recommendations on  :

a.    Short-term actions for immediate implementation;
b.    Long- term strategies to enhance the capabilities of the HR Office to improve and strengthen its functions and operations to better meet the needs of the University in the future.
c.    Appropriate HR staffing.
d.    Any other aspects that the Reviewer deems appropriate.

The external review should take into account resource and budgetary constraints when making its recommendations.

3.    Considerations and background

The external review shall take into account the following:

i.    Transition from Personnel to Human Resources
ii.    Academic Re-structure of the University
iii.    On-going reviews and re-structure of various sections of the University
iv.    Current resource capability of the HR Office to meet the needs of the University
v.    The accessibility and capacity of the USPNet as a tool for providing on-line services to staff.
vi.       The effectiveness and efficiency of HR support services to staff at the regional campuses.

4.    Approach

In carrying out the review, the reviewers shall consult extensively with:

i.    Director and staff of the Human Resources Office;
ii.    Vice-Chancellor and members of the Senior Management Team;
iii.    Deans of Faculties and members of Faculty ;
iv.    Staff of USP;
v.    Regional Campus Directors;
vi.    Staff Unions.

5.    Key deliverables

i.    Recommended structure for HR Office;
ii.    Recommended level and type of leadership expected for enhance performance;
iii.    Recommendations for improvements to current operations and more specifically in the areas of recruitment and retention, performance management, HR Service delivery and HR Planning with timelines and provisional costs;
iv.    Recommendations on the extent of use of MIS for reducing the cost of HR operations and to improve the speed of decisions, actions and reporting;
v.    Recommendations for enhancing current policy framework;
vi.    Appropriate HR Benchmarks and monitoring mechanisms for USP;
vii.    Report on findings and key recommendations.

6.    Timeframe

The expected timeframe for this review is 20 days.

The Review should:

-    begin its work no later than the first week of May 2009 and be completed by 30th June 2009;
-    provide a report to the Vice-Chancellor on the Review by 30th June 2009.

7.    Applications

Candidates are invited to submit a 2 page approach-to-the study paper together with their CVs to the contact below, to be received no later than 4.00pm on Thursday 30th April 2009.

Mrs. Marica Tabualevu
Project Manager
Governance and Management Strengthening & Enhancement Project
The University of the South Pacific
Suva, FIJI.
Tel: (679) 3232074
Fax: (679) 3231521


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